Soybean Rust Confirmed in Eastern NC October 19, 2020

— Written By Lindsey Thiessen

Soybean rust was found and confirmed on soybeans in Hyde County, NC. Soybean rust has the potential to cause significant yield loss when conditions are conducive for disease (12 hours of leaf wetness and temperatures between 60 and 82°F).

Although I do not expect a significant impact from this late season epidemic, late planted soybeans may be at risk. If you are concerned that soybean rust may affect your soybeans (between first bloom and R5), scout fields in an irregular pattern (e.g. zig-zag patterns). If you suspect soybean rust, please submit a sample to the Plant Disease and Insect Clinic for confirmation.

Spraying a fungicide may be beneficial to prevent infection of soybean rust on soybeans if soybean rust is confirmed on soybeans within 100 miles of your field, and the soybeans are between first bloom and stage R5 (early seed development).

For more information see the soybean rust fact sheet and the NC Agricultural Chemicals Manual.