Grain Pea Production in North Carolina

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Grain peas are a legume, like soybeans, that can be produced in North Carolina over the winter months with harvest timing slightly prior to wheat. Grain peas are high in protein and low in trypsin inhibitors and therefore do not require heat treatment when used as animal feed. Multiple buyers in the Southeast are interested in grain peas for inclusion in traditional animal feed, grain-free dog food, and food-grade end markets. If stable markets emerge, we want our growers to already have the foundational agronomic information necessary to grow this crop successfully.

The resources below provide production information on producing this crop in North Carolina based on the Golden Leaf funded research we have been conducting over the past several years in North Carolina.

A webinar was hosted on September 18, 2020, to discuss grain pea production in North Carolina and a recording of the webinar is available.

The videos were developed by Jenny Carleo, Area Specialized Grain Agent, and feature both the researcher and grower (Adrian Locklear, Maxton, NC) perspective on producing this crop in North Carolina.

Video: Introduction to Growing Grain Peas in North Carolina

Video: Agronomics of Growing Grain Peas in North Carolina

This Extension Publication has production recommendations, research results, and variety trial data.

Grain Pea field