What Stage Are My Soybeans In? R1-R3

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When soybeans start to flower we need to adjust management practices. Learn how to stage soybeans from R1 to R3 from Dr. Rachel Vann, Soybean Extension Specialist in this short video.

R1: Beginning Flower – One open soybean flower on the main stem.

R2: Full Flower – (On average 1 to 7 days after R1) Open flowers all along the main stem. Open flowers at the upper 2 most nodes on the soybean plant that have a fully developed leaf.

R3: Beginning Pod – (On average 5 to 15 days after R2) Look for a 3/16 inch long pod in the upper four nodes of the plant that have fully developed leaves.

From R3-R6 look at the upper four nodes to stage the plant. At this point in soybean development there can be multiple things going on all over the plant, so for consistency purposes focus on those upper four nodes.

Check multiple spots throughout the field to get a good understanding of what growth stage it is in. When 50% of the plants have reached that point in development then you moved on to the next growth stage.

This simple guide will help us accurately assess these early reproductive growth stages so you can use this to trigger management decisions at this point in the season.

Filmed at: N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Piedmont Research Station, Salisbury, NC

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