Roundup Ready 2 Extend Soybean Varieties

— Written By Jim Dunphy

‘Roundup Ready 2 Extend’ (RR2X) soybean varieties are now becoming available on the market. Farmers should be aware of some significant concerns about use of these varieties.

As of May 2, 2016, these seed were not approved for sale in Europe. Perdue is not encouraging use of these varieties before they are approved in Europe, but have told producers and suppliers they will work with them to provide a domestic outlet. Farmers who plan to sell grain of these varieties to Perdue need to notify Perdue in writing of their interest, and Perdue will notify them of where the soybeans need to be delivered this fall. We’re not aware that anyone else buying soybeans from farmers in North Carolina is committed to buying RR2X soybeans and keeping them separate from soybeans being shipped to Europe. It could happen, but so far it hasn’t (to our knowledge). And Europe could approve them tomorrow, but so far they haven’t.

We think that NC farmers should hope that no RR2X soybeans show up in Europe. The publicity would not be a good thing, and one farmer (assuming they can find him or her) will probably be out a lot of money.

Unless Europe approves RR2X soybeans by harvest time, farmers will have to worry about keeping any RR2X soybeans from contaminating their legal commodity soybeans. How clean can they keep their combine, their truck(s), and their bin(s)?

Add on the reality that as of today (5/2/16), these varieties cannot be legally sprayed with any formulation of dicamba. Keep these thoughts in mind when making decisions about this year’s soybean crop.

Dr. Jim Dunphy, Crop Science Extension Specialist (Soybeans), NCSU

Dr. Wes Everman, Crop Science Extension Specialist (Weed Management), NCSU

Katherine Stowe, Research Director, NC Soybean Producers Assn., Inc.