2020 NC Soybean Yield Contest Results Announced

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The 2020 North Carolina Soybean Yield Contest winners have been announced in this press release by the NC Soybean Producers Association. Congratulations to all of our 2020 winners and the County Extension agents who worked with growers to make these submissions successful.

The full results for the 2020 NC Soybean Yield Contest are now available on the NC State Extension Soybean portal.

We had 30 entries in 2020, down from 38 entries in 2019. We had 7 entries from the irrigated category (averaging 91.4 bu/A) and 23 entries from the non-irrigated category (averaging 81.5 bu/A). The state yield record remains at 108.9 bu/A set in 2019.

We will be discussing a recent analysis of 877 NC Soybean Yield Contest entries from 2002-2019 at the upcoming County Extension meetings. This analysis allowed us to use the production data collected from entries into the NC Soybean Yield Contest to identify management practices that were most consistently associated with high-yielding soybeans in North Carolina.

We again congratulate our 2020 Soybean Yield Contest winners. We appreciate all who submitted entries into the contest as it is helpful to identify production practices associated with high-yielding soybeans across North Carolina!